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Participating in the annual "New Year's Resolutions" process might need a boost of reality to help you stick with your plan.  Building a strong reason why you'd want to develop a new habit or path to success might help your idea become real. 

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Strategic planning runs much deeper than the forecasting exercise that shapes next year's budget.  

Do you have a detailed strategic planning process that will force you onto the path of best practices and predictable outcome?   Do you dare to think of where you are today and where you might be capable of being tomorrow? 

But even seeing that 'what might be' scenario; can you identify what innovative moves you'll need to execute to change in the necessary ways that can help you grow and go right into a successful future? 

There are lots of things to think about today. 

Friday 26 September 2014
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Leadership is a word we use quite often yet what we expect it to mean might be very different between different people.  Taking a working definition and then breaking it down by analyzing six key words gives us a focus on that word today. Come take a look at: ability, influence, willingly, accomplish, goals and accountable.